RBS Ittigen Station

Railway station and public facilities

Prinzipschema Perronanlage

Project description
As part of the overall project Nodal Station Ittigen “upwardly compatible”, the S-Bahn station Ittigen is being modernised and brought into accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act. The project consists of several components such as the platform roof, platforms and a new passenger underpass. EPRO TRAFFIC was commissioned by the two owners RBS and the municipality of Ittigen with the railway-specific electrical planning in the low-voltage and telecommunications departments.

The already modernized platform 2 will be adapted to the new structures such as accesses, etc. Furthermore, a new technical room containing the necessary facilities and systems for the station’s operation will be built on platform 2. This leads to various changes to the existing installations and systems. The project requires a detailed and well thought-out construction-phase planning, also with regard to the low-voltage and telecommunications systems, which are partly built in parallel to the existing ones and switched over under ongoing railway operation.

The existing platform 1 will be completely dismantled and rebuilt. A special feature is the new platform roof that sets an accent with curved LED lighting. In all other covered or uncovered platform areas, in addition to the lighting, the platform equipment such as loudspeakers, departure indicators, ticket machines, etc. will be renewed and connected to the new technical room. A completely new passenger underpass serves the municipality as well as the passengers of the RBS. The focus is on social security and thus also on the requirements for modern lighting that harmonises with the environment.

Our services
Complete planning and construction management from SIA phase 32 to and including 53 (development of the preliminary-project phase 31 in phase 32). Preparing the dossier on electrical + telecom installations incl. lighting concept for the planning approval procedure. Creating all planning bases such as installation plans, principle diagrams, electrical diagrams, etc. Elaborating the lighting concept including simulations and calculations according to legal specifications such as avoiding glare for train drivers. Interface coordination with the owner’s specialist services and third-party planners, e.g. with regard to work lines or building grounding. Participation in construction phase planning. Planning based on railway-specific regulations, e.g. regarding return and grounding.

Right from the start, the project proves that cooperation with people should be in the foreground during planning. This is also what we particularly like about this project. With our many years of experience in the field of railway infrastructure, we can accompany our clients and partners in this complex project.

Owner / Reference
Builders’ Association Nodal Station Ittigen

Client / Reference
Regional Transport Bern-Solothurn RBS
Gemeinde Ittigen
Thomas Luginbühl, RBS EA

Project location / Route
Ittigen near Bern
RBS line W
Worb – Worblaufen

Planning services, project information


Railway station

SIA Phases
Construction Project – Commissioning

Planning period
2019 – 2023

Technical equipment
Public facilities
Low voltage + telecom

Implementation period
2019 – 2023

Under ongoing railway operations 

Total costs
CHF 10,7 million

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