Eppenberg Tunnel

Railway tunnel Technical facilities / equipment

Project description
The 3114-metre-long Eppenberg tunnel is the main puzzle piece of the four-lane expansion between Olten and Aarau. On behalf of Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG, EPRO TRAFFIC provides the sub-project management in the fields of Lot 06 Low Voltage/Low Current and Lot 10 Medium Voltage 50Hz. In addition, EPRO TRAFFIC coordinates overarching topics such as commissioning and the integration of alarm and fault messages into SBB’s control system.

The tunnel consists of two portal structures, each with a technical building, which contain the primary supply systems (energy and communication). Three emergency exits (two shafts and one horizontal escape tunnel) serve passengers for self-rescue in the event of an incident and the rescue organizations as access points. Furthermore, these contain all necessary systems and systems (elevator, event ventilation, supply for the LED handrail, etc.) for self-rescue in the adjacent tunnel sections. Seven technical niches house additional technology for supplying the sections between the emergency exits and the portals.

Our services
Preparation of implementation specifications, plausibility check for the execution planning, monitoring of deadlines, costs and quality, work preparation, specialist construction management on site, participation in construction and project meetings, planning, commissioning, serving as deputy head of commissioning, coordination with SBB’s control system including data point recording, coordination with SBB switchovers and system integrations, inventory and coordination for SBB’s installation identification system.

Plants / Systems Lot 06 Low Voltage + Low Current
50 Hz low-voltage Supply incl. 980 V tunnel supply networks A+B, general electrical installations (light and power), illuminated handrail with LED orientation lighting, return and grounding according to D RTE 27900 and object-specific return and grounding concept, fiberoptic data networks (distribution and connection), data point acquisition LSS-CH via copper systems (VS83), fire alarm system, voice alarm system, emergency lighting system, telecom cabinets and LAN installation, electrical installations for HVAC systems and event ventilation.

Plants / Systems Lot 10 Medium voltage 50 Hz
Medium voltage switchgear, transformers 16kV/400V

Owner / Reference
SBB Schweizerische Bundesbahnen

Client / Reference
Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG

Project location / Route
Olten – Aarau line

Planning services, project information



SIA Phases
Execution Project – Commissioning

Planning period
2018 – 2020

Technical Installations / Equipment

Implementation period
2018 – 2020

Under ongoing railway operations 

Total cost
CHF 855 million (overall project)

Facts / Key figures
Tunnel length: 3114 meters

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