BLS Rosshäusern Tunnel

Railway tunnel Technical facilities / equipment

Project description
The 2.1km long Rosshäusern tunnel is the centrepiece of the new Rossäusern-Mauss line and part of the double-track expansion of the Bern-Neuchâtel railway line.

In addition to the actual tunnel, there are technical buildings at both portals, which house the railway technology. In the middle of the tunnel, there is an emergency exit: a shaft about 45m deep with an elevator and stairs, which serves for self-rescue and evacuation of passengers in the event of an incident. EPRO TRAFFIC accompanied this extensive project already in the procurement phase by drawing up the specifications for the “Low Voltage” and “Data Networks” lots.

During the evaluation of offers from various railway technology providers, EPRO TRAFFIC graded specialist technical aspects. The mandate was extended by BLS. EPRO TRAFFIC was commissioned with specialist controlling and owner representation for the further phases planning, implementation, and commissioning. In addition, EPRO TRAFFIC coordinates the overall integration of the tunnel with BLS’s specialist services, especially with regards to data networks and control systems / alarm management.

Our services
Development / preparation of specifications for the low voltage / data network lots tender, specialist technical evaluation of railway technology offers, specialist controlling of implementation planning, participation in caveat processing with the Federal Office of Transport, specialist controlling and owner representation for the low voltage and telecommunications lots during implementation and commissioning, participation in internal processes at BLS such as operational preparation and incident processes, coordination of overall integration of low voltage and telecommunications, construction meetings and specialist controlling on site

Plants / Systems LP4
50Hz/16.7Hz primary supply and 980 V tunnel supply, power distributions, transformers, dual frequency uninterruptible power supply systems, illuminated handrail with LED orientation lighting, return and grounding according to D RTE 2790, technical alarm management, automation and control of incident ventilation and tunnel gate, local area network

Plants / Systems LP5
Data networks fiber optic and telecommunication copper cables, radio (GSM-R, fire-fighting and rescue trains, Polycom), emergency call points

Owner / Reference 
Installations & Projects, IPHG

Client / Reference
Rolf Fankhauser, IPHG

Project location / route
Rosshäusern – Mauss line

Planning services, project information



SIA Phases
Tender – Commissioning

Planning period
2013 – 2018

Technical installtions and Equipment

Implementation period
2013 – 2018

Under ongoing railway operations 

Construction costs
CHF 12 million (railway technology),
CHF 2 million (electrical engineering)

Facts / Key figures
2.1 km long tunnel
980V tunnel supply network

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