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Project description
On behalf of BLS Netz AG, EPRO TRAFFIC creates normalies for standardization in the field of electrical and telecom installations. This is intended to simplify maintenance and servicing of systems as well as storage of spare parts on the entire BLS network.

Standardization is carried out with a keen eye for proportionality and is intended to support planning and executing companies in the realization of construction projects for BLS Netz AG. The focus is primarily on objects such as technical buildings and platform systems. The normalies contain the following areas and topics:

Planning + documentation, return and grounding system, materialization, installations in technical buildings, installations of platform systems, installations for passenger access, uninterruptible / technical power supply, switchgear combinations, technical alarm management, identification and marking.

From many years of cooperation, EPRO TRAFFIC knows the needs and requirements of BLS Netz AG’s specialist services and can thus include them specifically in these normalies.

Our services
Needs assessment, periodic implementation of workshops, creation of normalies, ongoing optimization.

Owner / Reference
Installations & Projects, IAHG Low Voltage

Client / Reference
Erich Zürcher, IPHG Technology Manager

Planning services, project information


Planning period
2018 – 2021

Implementation period
2018 – 2021


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