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Rail and road are our specialties. We cover various fields of expertise: from the planning of complex energy-supply and communication systems to coordinating railway technology all the way to integral tests. We plan, coordinate and reach your goals in transport infrastructure with experience and passion.



BLS Lötschberg Base Tunnel, Cavern Karst Water

In February and March 2020, the eastern tube of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel had to be temporarily closed because an unexpected water ingress washed sand into the tunnel. In order to ensure long-term rail operations, BLS remediated the damaged area in the eastern tube of the double-track section.

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BLS station Uetendorf-Allmend

As part of the Uetendorf–Lerchenfeld double-track expansion project, the Uetendorf-Allmend stop will be completely modernised. The result is a modern station that offers customers easy access to platforms and level boarding.

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Eppenberg Tunnel

The 3114-metre-long Eppenberg tunnel is the main puzzle piece of the four-lane expansion between Olten and Aarau. On behalf of Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG, EPRO TRAFFIC provides the sub-project management in the fields of Lot 06 Low Voltage/Low Current and Lot 10 Medium Voltage 50Hz.

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RBS Ittigen Station

As part of the overall project Nodal Station Ittigen “upwardly compatible”, the S-Bahn station Ittigen is being modernised and brought into accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act. The project consists of several components such as the platform roof, platforms and a new passenger underpass.

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Building ventilation PLC Lötschberg Base Tunnel (LBT)

BLS Netz AG has been the operator of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel LBT since 2007. During this period, the complete control technology was standardized and in 2013 switched to a new technical control system.

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Wabern station

BLS Netz AG is modernising Wabern station on the Bern-Belp-Thun line. The existing station no longer meets requirements and must also be modernised to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

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Switching station Holligen

The new installation is located in the immediate vicinity of the existing switching station and the Holligen depot of BLS Netz AG. In this new construction, the existing technical building will also be integrated, which contains systems for energy supply, technical power supplies, telecom and radio.

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BLS Rosshäusern Tunnel

The 2.1km long Rosshäusern tunnel is the centrepiece of the new Rossäusern-Mauss line and part of the double-track expansion of the Bern-Neuchâtel railway line.In addition to the actual tunnel, there are technical buildings at both portals, which house the railway technology.

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BLS Electrical and Telecom Normalie

On behalf of BLS Netz AG, EPRO TRAFFIC creates normalies for standardization in the field of electrical and telecom installations. This is intended to simplify maintenance and servicing of systems as well as storage of spare parts on the entire BLS network.

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Replacement frequency converter Lötschberg Base Tunnel

BLS Netz AG has been operating and maintaining the 34.6km long Lötschberg Base Tunnel since it went into operation in 2007. The tunnel has three ventilation units of 2 high-performance axial fans each, which are driven by frequency converters.

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